International Law

Faculty 2024

  • Christian Walter

    Christian Walter

    Professor of Public Law and Public International Law at LMU (Germany)

    Head of programme

  • Irène Couzigou

    Irène Couzigou

    Professor of Public International Law
    University of Aberdeen (UK)

  • Knut Dörmann

    Knut Dörmann

    Head of the ICRC’s Delegation to the EU, NATO and the Kingdom of Belgium (Brussels)
    Former Chief Legal Officer and Head of the Legal Division of the ICRC

  • Martin Faix

    Martin Faix

    Professor of International Law
    Head of the Centre for International Humanitarian and Operational Law, Palacký University (Czech Republic)

  • Robert Frau

    Robert Frau

    Professor for International Law
    University of Freiberg (Germany)

  • Caroline Fournet

    Caroline Fournet

    Professor of International Law
    Director of the Exeter Centre for International Law at the University of Exeter (UK) 

  • Nigel D. White

    Nigel D. White

    Professor of International Law
    Deputy Head of School (Research), Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Nottingham (UK)

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